Staff Members

Welcome Adult Education and Literacy Alamo Consortium Staff Members!
Adult educators, thank you for being part of the AEL Alamo Consortium! As lead organization for the Consortium, ESC-20’s role has multiple facets.
  • We work to maintain each program’s compliance according to TWC rules.
  • We provide service provider support as your programs continuously improve student services.
  • We cultivate relationships in the community to raise awareness of our services and opportunities for adults in our communities.
  • We develop and bring you professional development that has immediate impact in your classrooms.
  • Finally, we lead standardization efforts to maintain consistent, high quality services across all providers.
Our efforts are all on target to achieve our Consortium vision of SUCCESS FOR ADULT LEARNERS, however our students define that for themselves. We look forward to serving you, your programs, and all of our students for years to come. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact your program leadership or your AEL Alamo Consortium team here at ESC-20.
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