Career Pathways


Adult Education & Literacy offers Integrated Education Training (IET) free of charge to individuals. We have several providers across San Antonio that provide career training in high demand occupations such as Certified Nurse Aide, Pharmacy Tech, Information Technology (IT), Administrative Assistant, and more.

Our IET programs include three main components:   

  1. Career Training – training that will lead to an industry recognized credential 
  2. Workforce Preparation Activities – dedicated time to enhance your job skills (sometimes called soft skills) 
  3. AEL Support Class – class to review the most challenging topics from your career training and to continue to improve your English skills or study for your HSE exam (GED or HiSET)                                                

What makes our training unique is that you will work on these three components at the same time. You do not need to wait until you have learned English or completed your HSE(GED) to start training for a job. You can earn your HSE at the same time as you complete your training program. 

Workplace Literacy is a collaborative partnership between an Adult Education & Literacy Program and an employer. The onsite classes are customized to meet the needs of the business to improve English language and math/reading/writing skills for employees. Instructors and curriculum are provided onsite by the program at no cost to the employer. Additionally, training opportunities can be identified and provided to enhance the employee skills and add value for the employer.

English Second Language Proficiency (ESLP) assists individuals in learning to speak, read, and write English at all levels.  Have a foreign degree?  ESLP provides access to training opportunities in your current field or new careers for advanced level students.